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10/07 Your letters: Linda Canino, Alan Culton

Fluoride alternatives

I wonder how many like myself feel frustrated regarding the ineffectual protest of adding medication to our drinking/bathing water without our consent?

Fluoridated toothpaste warnings read “Do no swallow” for good reason! Especially since our water companies are not even adding fluoride but hydrofluorosilicic acid, a known carcinogen, into our water supply.

HFSA's silicofluorides are not pharmaceutical grade substances but inject 0.078 micrograms of arsenic per liter into our drinking water. The EPA has set the Maximum Contaminant Level Goal for arsenic of ZERO because of arsenic's known ability to cause cancer in humans.

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There are alternatives – pharmaceutical- grade sodium fluorise delivers at least 100-fold lower levels of arsenic than HFSA when water authorities choose to adjust their water supply to contain about 0.7 milligrams per liter of fluoride. Although OWASA has opened the floor to citizens to state their reasons for anti-fluoridation, neither the scientific evidence presented nor our protest of having our water supply medicated without our consent has affected their stance.

In refusing to listen and take action, they have violated the Appearance of Fairness Doctrine accepted by most municipal governments. Ample recent research corroborates the conclusion that water fluoridation is injurious to public health. One can simply go online or contact any of the local anti-fluoride groups to find a wealth of information. Experts in the field have come to the unequivocal conclusion based on biomedical evidence that swallowing fluorides is dangerous to the health of consumers and that the ingestion of fluoride is disease-causing rather than disease-preventing. Our local population is being subjugated to low grade poisoning. And while some of us purchase alternatives to tap water, low-income communities of color and the underserved are being disproportionately harmed by these fluorides because they rely solely on municipal water sources.

Fluoride does not need to be added to our water. Cities in the U.S., Europe, and Asia who have rejected water fluoridation have experienced the same decline in tooth decay as fluoridated cities. The City Council members of Cotati, California, who had serious concerns about the long-term health aspects of fluoride ingestion and knowing that there were other ways of delivering fluoride like toothpastes, gels and varnishes, let the people decide for themselves and for their children what health choices to make. Our community needs to take back our decision–making power to advocate for ourselves regarding the discontinuation of the outdated and scientifically disproven practice of fluoridation, and especially the non-pharmaceutical grade product to which we are being subjected.

Linda Canino

Chapel Hill

A fourth branch?

One might assume that Republicans have the advantage in Washington. But look at Republican Sen. Thom Tillis. He’s busy with a bipartisan bill to restrict Trump from firing the special counsel Robert Mueller.

Now, of course, Mueller was hired by the Justice Department and that is under the executive branch. Tillis wants to appoint a three-judge panel to review a president's firing decision if he fires the special counsel. Tillis is trying to institute a fourth branch of government and the problem is that the generation who know that there should only be three are dying off.

In the meantime the estimable Richard Burr is still trying to find the source of the urinating prostitutes dossier and hopes to wrap up the investigation before the next election. It was the this dossier that started the Russian investigation that led to the appointment of Mueller as special counsel. Democrats never break ranks like this. Tillis and Burr are not worth a warm bucket of prostitute ...

Alan Culton

Chapel Hill


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