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10/06 Your letters: Tobin L. Freid, Rob Ransone, Becky Ceartas

Tree love

Show your favorite tree some love by nominating it to be one of Durham’s Finest Trees! We’ve extended the nomination date until Oct. 13th at bit.ly/1LXhhmn

Durham’s Finest Trees program recognizes significant trees in Durham County, promotes discovery and ability to identify trees, and helps preserve the best examples of specific tree species, particularly native and those trees well adapted to Durham County. The program also promotes awareness of trees in our community and hopes to catalog fine examples of magnificent specimens of trees due to their size, setting, historical importance, or significant feature.

Durham tree lovers of all ages are invited to submit their nominations. Trees on private or public property can be nominated in each of the three categories: largest, historical, or meritorious. Preference will be given to native North Carolina tree species. Non-native trees may be considered if they are of a species, subspecies, variety or cultivar proven to be relatively long-lived and well-adapted to North Carolina. Winning trees will be recognized at a ceremony in the spring.

Tobin L. Freid

Sustainability manager

Durham City and County

Gun violence vigil

North Carolinians Against Gun Violence and the United Church of Chapel Hill will have a candlelight vigil today (Oct. 6) to demand action to end gun violence in honor of the 59 killed and more than 400 injured in Las Vegas in the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history.

The vigil will be part of a nationwide tribute in partnership with the national gun violence coalition pushing for common-sense gun laws to end gun violence.

The service will take place at noon at the United Church of Chapel Hill, 1321 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd.

The Las Vegas mass shooting was the 272nd mass shooting in 2017, defined as four or more people shot in one incident.

The events will highlight the need to stop loosening gun restrictions.

It’s time for the House of Representatives to immediately abandon the NRA-supported Sportsmen’s Heritage and Recreational Enhancement Act. The SHARE Act would deregulate silencers, making them readily available without background checks.

Legislators must also oppose the National Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act, which would allow gun owners from states with weak permitting laws to carry their concealed weapons in states with strong permit requirements.

North Carolinians Against Gun Violence also recommends laws to require background checks for sale of all guns; banning military-style assault weapons and high capacity magazines; repealing the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, which provides legal immunity for the gun industry; and adequately funding federal gun violence research.

Becky Ceartas

Executive director

North Carolinians Against Gun Violence

Spoiled NFL brats

NFL players, whose starting salary is around $450,000 and most of whom make tens of million of dollars, are protesting how this country treats them. This is unconscionable, and every patriotic American citizen should be outraged at their behavior, and the media should be ashamed of publicizing their disrespect for the country that has provided them a quality of life to which 98 percent of Americans can only aspire. Their arrogant stupidity demonstrates their total lack of regard for what our national anthem and our flag represent, and for what millions of loyal Americans have died to protect.

One day my mother and dad, an Army major, were walking when a young private walked by and failed to salute my Dad. My Dad called him back and really chewed him out! After the private was dismissed, my mother confronted my dad and asked him why he had chewed out the private to harshly. My dad explained: “He’s not saluting me, he’s saluting the uniform and what it represents. When he is disrespectful to the uniform, he is disrespectful to our country.”

These spoiled brats are not disrespectful to our national anthem or our flag, they are disrespectful to our country and to all the brave men and women who have sacrificed so much for them. We should be as outraged at their actions as we were when Jane Fonda visited North Vietnam. National sports heroes should set a good example for our youth. These thugs should be denied their citizenship and thrown out of the country!

Rob Ransone

Chapel Hill

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