Letters to the Editor

09/21 – What you’re saying: Terry McCann, Eunice Brock, and James Barrett

Dreading tax time

I dread every April. When the spring is sprouting and the weather is beginning to warm up and my kids start to play outside, I am inside, working for hours on my taxes, and hoping I have enough money in my bank account. Where I could be spending more time with my family, working longer at my job, or spending time relaxing, I’m found doing my taxes.

IRS data shows that individuals spend roughly 13 hours filling out the 1040 tax form. In total there are 199 tax forms for individuals. It takes too long and the tax code is too complicated. I need relief, and so does the rest of America.

As a middle-class American, we are the backbone of the U.S. economy. If the income and business taxes get lowered and the tax code gets simplified, we will immediately see a higher wage and we will be on firmer ground financially. If Presidents Trump’s tax reform gets passed, my wife and I’s first $24,000 in income will not be taxed and we will be able to file our taxes on a single page. That means no complicated deductions and we won’t have to pay money to H&R Block to get our taxes filed if we choose to. As hardworking Americans, we do not ask for much, but some tax relief is much needed and would be greatly appreciated.

Terry McCann


Where is state’s sympathy?

Regarding the news story “After Disability Check Glitch, State wants its money back” (Sept. 17):

The State Treasurer is pursuing an aggressive campaign to get recipients of disability over payments to pay the state back. This despite the fact that individuals that receive disability are usually barely making it physically and fiscally.

Carla Shuford, with the absence of one leg, has been one of the greatest contributors to the well-being of the Chapel Hill-Carrboro community since 1965. She is one of those targeted, unfairly in my opinion. There should be some provision for forgiveness to persons like Carla Shuford.

The Republicans installed in government are more than willing to deny support to the less fortunate in order to sustain the well-being of the affluent. They have no sympathy or compassion for our less favored citizens.

Eunice Brock

Chapel Hill

Foushee pushes with a smile

Some community advocates just enjoy yelling about their issues. Others push their elected officials hard, but with a smile, always ensuring there's a continuing relationship so that next time a change is needed, we can work together more easily.

Barbara Foushee is without a doubt in the latter camp. She has advocated well for countless groups with elected officials of all kinds. Kind and thoughtful, she has advocated for everyone in our community. And I know she will bring the same passions for change and for helping people to her work as a Carrboro alderwoman.

I look forward to seeing the great things Carrboro can do with Barbara Foushee on the board as an alderwoman.

James Barrett

Chapel Hill


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