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08/13: What you’re saying: Janie Wagstaff, W.B. Turner, Doreen Stover and Haze Lancaster

Why isn’t lottery buying school supplies?

Across the board coverage of Gov. Roy Cooper’s visit to Durham and his school supplies drive initiative failed to include any reference to the North Carolina Education Lottery. Was no reporter interested in at least asking a question?

The “education” lottery was established after Gov. Mike Easley signed the North Carolina State Lottery Act and the 2005 Appropriations Act. On an almost party-line vote ( only five Democrats voted against ), then Lt. Gov. Beverly Perdue cast the tie-breaking vote. Democratic Gov. Cooper should be asked about whether lottery revenue is accomplishing its intended “education” goals. It would seem that the answer is “no” if the governor is urging the General Assembly to pass a $150 stipend per teacher to help with student supplies that not too long ago were the responsibility of the parents.

The General Assembly has appropriated $700 million in the budget for education. I’d like to know where the lottery revenue assists North Carolina public school education or is it purely revenue for the appointed director and sales outlets? It might be just legalized gambling preying on lower-income residents.

Janie Wagstaff


Russia, Russia, Russia

It reminds me of the last days of World War II when General Patton wanted to kick Russia’s butt. He considered them the enemy. As a 19-year-old rifleman with the 86 Infantry Division in Germany, I remember General Eisenhower allowed Russia to take Berlin, which in my opinion was the wrong thing to do, and ended in a divided Berlin. In my estimation Premier Joseph Stalin was as murderous as Hitler.

Today the Democrats are accusing the Trump Administration of working with the Russians to win the election. My belief is that the Democrats are the ones that profited from Russia’s involvement, if anybody did. Trump won fair and square. He had a message and he took it straight to the people. When he runs again, he will do the same.

In my opinion, the Democrats have no message except to put Trump down. My belief is that Trump will win easily in 2018 if the GOP will do their job.

From a personal stand point, I might disagree with someone, but I don’t spend the majority of my time putting that person down. Seemingly the Democrats think they will win belittling Trump, but they have no winning message. I think the majority of American people are sick and tired of Russia, Russia, Russia, dominating the news.

W.B. Turner


A sister’s heartfelt thank you

I want to give a shout out to Golden Horizons, Durham’s new adult day care facility. At 70, I have put my life on hold as I have cared, first, for my mother and now for my older sibling, both with dementia.

I often say, “He’s not heavy, he’s my brother,” but truthfully, he can be heavy. Caregiving has taken a toll on my mental and physical health. A friend led me to Golden Horizons. In just two weeks Eddie’s physical and social skills have improved greatly and I have been given badly needed respite.

A heartfelt thank you to Van Coleman of Golden Horizons, to William, Eddie’s CNA, and to the helpers everywhere who make caring for a loved one a whole lot easier. Golden Horizons has turned out to be a perfect fit for us!

Doreen Stover


Tax reform and small business

Every day, thousands of people decide to take a risk and start a company. In fact, over 75 percent of small businesses in America are owned and operated by a single person. Those that do hire are credited for employing hundreds of thousands – almost 45 percent in North Carolina and roughly 40 percent in Durham County. It’s no wonder small businesses are what fuel the economy.

However, these businesses could do even more if the federal tax system was updated. The existing code is nearly 4 million words and was last updated in 1986 under President Reagan. Surely everyone can agree a lot has changed in the last 31 years . Today’s small businesses face enormous challenges stemming from new, emerging markets and worldwide competitors. They need a tax system that reflects their 21st century needs.

Besides providing a simple, efficient tax system, comprehensive tax reform will level the playing field and finally allow Durham businesses to compete around the globe. Initial legislation put forth in Congress this year is promising. North Carolina’s businesses would benefit greatly from tens of billions in tax relief, leading to the creation over 50,000 new jobs across the state.

I hope Sen.Richard Burr understands how important reform is to Durham’s small businesses. He should work with his congressional colleagues and the White House and commit to passing comprehensive tax reform before the end of year!

Haze Lancaster

Main Street Growth & Opportunity Coalition’s North Carolina Committee.

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