Letters to the Editor

Letters: A better transit experience for GoTriangle, GoDurham bus riders

Regarding the June 15 opinion piece “How to build a better bus stop”:

GoTriangle and GoDurham recognize that accessible and comfortable bus stops are critical to transit riders, and we are excited that the half-cent sales tax that Durham County voters approved for transit improvements will allow us to upgrade scores of bus stops.

Over the next five years, about 200 stops will get shelters, benches, trash cans or other accessibility improvements that will mean a better transit experience for 90 percent of our riders. GoTriangle has already started the site-design process for about 30 of the highest-priority stops.

To be able to make the improvements as quickly as possible, GoTriangle and the Durham Transportation Department have been working with the City-County Planning and Public Works Department to expedite the project review process. As a result, the planning department has created a development services review team, which has a goal of making such projects faster and cheaper to implement.

The Better Bus Stops Program mentioned in the opinion piece was meant to provide an inventory of stops that need to be improved and to determine a priority system. To participate, residents can fill out a form at godurhamtransit.org/customer-feedback, call 919-485-7433 or attend a public meeting at Durham Station. The next meeting is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. July 5.

Going forward, the Better Bus Stops Program will be used as a tool to more fully partner with residents, customers, student groups and community stakeholders willing to volunteer their time, enthusiasm and participation as we review bus stop needs.

Rick Major

Acting director of capital development, GoTriangle