Letters to the Editor

Your letters: Sara Edwards, Jim Warren

Price an environmental champion

In today’s political climate, where sound scientific evidence is ignored and corporations and profit are held above human health and the wellbeing of our environment, it is more important than ever that we have representatives in office who will fight to protect our environmental safeguards.

Congressman David Price is one of those. His voting record on issues of conservation, wildlife protection, and clean energy has consistently been pro-environment. In fact, the League of Conservation Voters gave Price a 100 percent for pro-environment votes on its National Environmental Scorecard for 2016.

That’s why Environment North Carolina is honoring him with its Environmental Champion Award for his service protecting his constituents’ rights to clean water, clean air, and access to public lands. As an employee Environment North Carolina, I believe David Price is fully deserving of this award and his actions align with our organization’s goal of preserving our state’s natural treasures for generations to come. I invite readers to come out to Umstead Park in Raleigh on July 7 in support of Congressman Price and to listen to him speak about the importance of this issue.

Sara Edwards

Chapel Hill

Orange an anti-fracking leader

On June 20 the Orange County Board of Commissioners passed a resolution by a vote of 6 to 1 urging Gov. Cooper to ban the import and usage of natural gas from fracking operations.

The resolution is in support of a statewide campaign, headed by NC WARN and the NC NAACP, calling on North Carolina to do its part to help slow the acceleration of global warming, which scientists deem a planetary emergency, and which is already hammering this state with a series of floods, wildfires, severe storms and rising seas.

The world’s leading scientists say that methane from fracking operations has become a leading driver of the climate crisis.

The resolution effort was spearheaded by Commissioner Mark Marcoplos.

The Orange board is providing leadership in the effort to avert runaway climate chaos.

Jim Warren

Executive director



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