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Charlie Lunsford: Give the Russians thanks

Give the Russians thanks

Why is it that the news media has turned the debate away from the illegal and dangerous acts Hillary Clinton committed, and made the “Russians” the scapegoat for her election loss? And why do the American people sit back and allow this to happen without voicing protest?

Neither Hillary, nor the media have said the “Russians” changed any of her, or the Democrat Party’s emails, so they simply exposed them. There is a great difference!

If they changed any of them we should all be up in arms, but if they simply exposed them, I believe, we may owe them a debt of gratitude.

If any of the emails had been changed we would have heard it 24/7 ever since on their “mainstream” media.

Now we have a “Special Prosecutor,” with a staff of lawyers who are hard-line Democrats, investigating the innocent, while Hillary and the Democrats “skate” again.

The Democrats are trying to do to President Trump what they did to Raymond Donovan: ruin his reputation through months of investigation and negative news without finding any illegal act he committed.

Why don't we demand the media stop this tangent and allow President trump to concentrate on the global threats against all American people?

Charlie Lunsford



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