Letters to the Editor

Attention: Trump supporters and non-supporters

The election is over, and the need to press on to urgent domestic issues is at hand. Yes, there are foreign matters that are important, However, as one who subscribes to "charity starts at home,” I make and share this plea to all.

Recent Environmental Protection Agency data reveal approximately 218 million Americans are at risk due to the poor quality of their drinking water. That's almost all of America. Yes, our own backyard. Pure water is one of man's greatest needs and has great implications on our health. So here's my plea:

Consider deeply which is more important ‑ a trillion dollar wall, which will do about as much good as the death penalty has to stop crime, or a massive infrastructure overall of our own cities and towns, especially on antique and corrupted water systems?

I hope and think the answer is obvious, and if you voted for good health and quality water, make your voice heard to those in authority. Our very future depends upon it.

John I. Mayo