Letters to the Editor

Rich Saudis

If Donald Trump wants to stop terrorist nuts with twisted views on religion, he must condemn the ones

that are financing the murderers. Instead he embraces them, as he did on his trip to Saudi Arabia.

Funding the terrorists is very costly. Guns, bullets and bombs cost money.

Where do they get the money? Our politicians, Republicans and Democrats, lie, telling us the money comes from kidnapping and selling oil. Not true. Rich Arabs are funding the terrorists. Stop the money, and the killing stops. Start with our friends, Saudi Arabia, where billionaires are plentiful as apples in a produce market ‑ very rich Saudis who harbor a hate for Americans. Arabs with twisted minds funding radicals with equally twisted minds.

America would be better off by severing all relations with the Saudis. They need us more than we need them. ISIS would be more than happy to remove the crown from the king, along with his head. The king knows that to be a fact.

Ben Cooper