Letters to the Editor

Grateful to Ralph Hunt

I am saddened by the death of state Sen. Ralph Hunt. He played an important part in helping Hillsborough get its meal tax. As a lobbyist for Hillsborough, I appeared before both the N.C. House of Representatives and Senate committees to talk about Hillsborough’s (once the state capital) role in America’s and North Carolina’s history.

Representatives Ann Barnes and Joe Hackney successfully got the tax bill out of the state House. At the hearing before the Senate committee, several members groused about another local tax. Sen. Howard Lee made a motion to pass Senate Bill 808 authorizing the town of Hillsborough to impose a prepared food and beverage tax. After a pause, Ralph Hunt seconded Lee’s motion.

On behalf of the people of Hillsborough, we are grateful and thankful for Ralph Hunt’s help in making a big difference in our history.

Horace Johnson Sr.

Former mayor of Hillsborough