Letters to the Editor

$800K in a $23B budget

I write to ask you to help publicize the fact the Senate version of the state budget kills Governor’s School after this summer.

As a 16-year old in South Carolina, I was turned on intellectually by a knock-off version of N.C.’s Governor’s School in my home state. Many years later, after earning a doctorate in history and teaching for several years, I got the opportunity to teach social science at the N.C. Governor’s School. I have attended excellent schools and earned two Ivy League degrees, but it is not an exaggeration to say my summers with the N.C. Governor’s School were some of the most rewarding and engaging learning experiences I have ever had. I was deeply impressed by the community of scholarship and wide-ranging exploration of cutting-edge research and theories across all disciplines.

I have taught at high schools and summer programs in four different states, and my work has made me conversant with the educational offerings at some of the best schools in the country. I can tell you that there is no finer school that has had the power to re-ignite a love of learning than the N.C. Governor’s School.

Especially when we have a $500 million surplus, we should not be cutting valuable programs. As it is, the program is run on an absolute shoestring, providing more bang for the buck than just about any line item in the budget. We need to undo the Senate’s wrongheaded action by restoring the Governor’s School to the budget.

J. Michael McElreath