Letters to the Editor

Governor's school is worth saving

The North Carolina Governor’s School was founded by Gov. Terry Sanford in 1963 and, as the first institution of its kind in the nation, has proudly served academically gifted students from across North Carolina for 54 years and established North Carolina as an educational trailblazer. Throughout its five decades, the North Carolina Governor’s School has empowered students to take an active part in their own intellectual development and has helped shape them into young leaders of their communities.

However, the proposed budget recently passed by the state Senate will eliminate the North Carolina Governor’s School and its ability to enhance the lives of students of this state. If we allow this budget to pass in its current form, this historic institution will fade from existence and will be unable to invigorate the lives of students from across North Carolina.

The Governor’s School continues to be a sound investment for taxpayers of the Old North State. This institution has changed the lives of over 30,000 students — these alumni distinguish themselves as engaged citizens and vital leaders of this state and nation. The loss of as unique and transformative a public program as the Governor’s School would be a great blow to North Carolina students, families, schools and communities, and, once lost, would be impossible to restore. If you care about the future of North Carolina and providing students with a dynamic, holistic educational experience, please contact your elected officials in the General Assembly and tell them you support the Governor's School!

Zach Ward

Chapel Hill