Letters to the Editor

Help shelter animals

I am writing as a follow-up to Patrick McDonnell’s recent week’s series of Shelter Stories in his comic “Mutts.” Six days highlight Buddy, a dog waiting (but not so patiently) at a shelter to be adopted. He begs, cajoles, and entices people to come to the shelter, with his final message being “Come and get me.” The final strip shows Ozzie, Earl’s owner, talking with a woman who says she is afraid to go to the shelter, as she will want them all. A panel then shows shelter animals. Ozzie’s reply is if she does not go, she won’t adopt any.

Many people feel that way about entering a shelter. Good animals are there, most through no fault of their own. Don’t just pity all animals there. Try to help at least one, by offering it a permanent and loving home. Visit your local shelter or visit www.petfinder.com on your computer to start a search for any type, breed or sex of pet. You can narrow your search by using your zip code and/or local breed specific rescue groups.

Cindy Geiger