Letters to the Editor

More than light rail

Do you know that the Durham and Orange County Transit Plans include more than just light rail? I recently went to a very informative public workshop and came away with exciting news about current transit options and future plans.

Do you know that both counties currently provide door-to-door public transportation for disabled residents? And that bus service has been expanded in recent years, so we have numerous bus routes that extend out to many areas of both counties?

Do you know that, as part of the plan, additional bus routes are proposed (including to Rougemont), as well as additional service on existing bus routes? Also, that the light rail stations will serve as hubs for new bus service? And that the plan includes development of bus rapid transit from north to south in Chapel Hill?

And that the Durham-Orange Light Rail would free up funds from the current bus service on that corridor? And that light rail is expected to generate new jobs in station areas, increasing both GDP and tax revenue? Also, that many sources of funds are being considered to implement the transit plans, as well as various cost-cutting options?

This appears to be a very well thought-out plan, with various modes of transit for the varied needs of both Durham and Orange counties.

Margaret McCann

Chapel Hill