Letters to the Editor

Refuge at Kestrel Heights

I wake up every morning, drive my children across town, take my lunch break at 3 p.m., drive them home and return to work again. I make this sacrifice to deliver my children to Kestrel Heights School. Now the school will close, and where will we go?

My sons are very tall African-American boys with special needs and I fear that they will face discrimination, not only in public, but in their schools.

We found refuge at Kestrel Heights.

I was running from a lottery system that somehow never seems to choose us, and brags of specialized schools for gifted children where I am sure my sons will be marginalized, and ignored.

I was running from large area public schools where people tell stories of rampant marijuana use, excessive suspensions, and high school drop-out rates through the roof.

We did not land at Kestrel by mistake.

At Kestrel we found a school culture that fosters racial harmony with a diverse student body, faculty and staff, that came from all racial groups and walks of life and work together as a family.

There is no way to prove the systematic way that in certain settings a child’s confidence is attacked, but any mother of African-American, Latino or special needs children, can attest to the same.

I love all of the young people at Kestrel. And now I worry for them. The school system is dumping them into these large institutions that can damage them, and change their fates forever.

Zawadi Powell