Letters to the Editor

The outhouse bill

I don’t understand the world today. I guess I’m just too old, but the world I came up in, in the 1930s, had outside johns. Everyone was welcome to use these toilets.

For the past year the news headlines are about trying to remove HB2 to give certain people their rights. My rights were not violated in the 1930s when I had to go out in the cold to use the john with no night light or when I was in combat and not close to the woods. Taking a tub bath on the back porch was good enough for me and God has allowed me to survive for 91 years. Probably the only answer I can think of is to have a different restroom facility for all these folks. It would take only about a dozen restrooms for each business.

It’s all about money. Our newly elected Democratic governor seemingly has made this his #1 issue. The great governor we had used common sense, saying, go to the restroom that identifies you on your birth certificate. I don’t know how mothers explain this to their young children. If they go to the wrong bathroom, the moms may be sued and have to hire a lawyer or pay off a judge. Sounds silly, but the “old fashioned” in me says this whole thing is silly.

We got more real problems than we can handle. This bathroom thing needs to be put on the back page that hasn’t been written yet.

W. B. Turner Hillsborough