Letters to the Editor

Smith served community, his church

On April 8 there was a funeral service conducted for the Rev. Dr. Malbert Smith Jr. at Grey Stone church where he pastored for 43 years. Several hundred people gathered to pay their respects to a man who not only served as their pastor but served this community as well.

The service lasted nearly two hours as we listened to stories of how Malbert Smith had touched so many lives in different ways. A former pastor, a son, the current pastor, the music minister and former senior adult minister all spoke on Malbert Smith’s life of love and service. The time seemed to pass so fast as those in attendance grasped every complimentary word about the man they so much love and respected. Though we all grieve the loss, the service was uplifting with the lessons that Malbert Smith taught with his life -- love God and serve others.

One could only hope that they could impact people and have a fraction of the love and respect that Malbert Smith amassed during his nearly 93-year life. He will surely be missed, however, as he so often reminded us “the best is yet to come”

Rest in peace my friend. You were loved by so many, much more than you could ever know.

Kent Fletcher