Letters to the Editor

Now a “War on Easter” too?

British candy sales giant, Cadbury, has taken the word “Easter” out of the United Kingdom’s Annual Egg Hunt. (“Cadbury Drops Easter Reference,” Herald Sun, Apr 5). Not long ago, here at home, “Christmas” was excised from some holiday sales and verbal greetings, and off our favorite coffee cups.

Britain’s Prime Minister, Theresa May, joins conservative American Christians and President Donald Trump in condemning this as a sinister move on the part of secular elites who they see as pursuing an agenda of political correctness.

Their annoyance has more to do with the inability to cope with diversity, and with currying political favor, than with defending the mysteries of Jesus’ birth and resurrection.

Christianity has become surreptitiously “cultural.” A recent Pew Research Survey discovered that an overwhelming number of Americans polled believed that one needed to be Christian in order to be “truly American.”

This belief is not only un-Constitutional, it’s un-Christian. (Jesus, a Jew, often affirmed the deep faith that he saw in the adherents of other belief systems – angering thereby his listeners).

One should render unto Caesar, Macy’s, Starbucks and Cadbury what is theirs ($), and unto God what is God’s.

Joe Moran