Letters to the Editor

Shortsighted budget

The Trump administration made it abundantly clear that it doesn’t care about protecting our air, water and natural resources. The White House proposed budget cuts that target the EPA particularly harshly with a 31 percent reduction. These cuts would mean more pollution from car exhaust, among other things, that would make it impossible to meet our nation’s promise to reduce rising global temperatures.

In addition, President Donald Trump has ordered a rewrite of the Clean Power Plan, originally enacted to phase out heavily polluting coal power plants in favor of renewable energy sources. To top it off, the director of the EPA, Scott Pruitt, doesn’t believe in human-caused climate change, while Mick Mulvaney, the director of the White House budget, said, “We’re not spending money on [climate change] anymore.”

If the government stopped spending on climate change, we would see a continued increase in greenhouse gas emissions, poorer air quality, huge coastal property loss from sea-leve

l rise, and increased drought in the long run. Money saved with these cuts would be quickly lost many times over when the effects of climate change eventually catch up to us.

I hope Congress will act with less shortsightedness than our president and immediately reject this budget.

Sara Edwards

Chapel Hill