Letters to the Editor

Letter misleading

The March 16 letter from Kwishawn Void was misleading.

He stated, "All people of Hispanic background have very much the right to come into this country legally and be a citizen." That is totally true. What he is insinuating is that all are trying to come in legally. That is the misleading information. Those are legal immigrants, it is the illegal aliens that are attempting to be blocked.

No other country in the world is more welcoming than the United States. If you want to move to Mexico, you must be able to support yourself and have a provable sizable bank account. Not sure what it is at this time, but a few years ago, you had to show that you had $50,000 to move there. They do not welcome anyone freely. If we do not keep some sort of borders, we will end up like so many European countries -- being overrun by illegal aliens. We welcome the legal immigrants. The 90-day ban on entry from certain countries is temporary. That tidbit is being ignored by the news media. There are classes being held, on how to get into the U.S. illegally. That says a lot about what is taking place on the illegal alien situation.

Bob Dickerson