Letters to the Editor

Light rail scam

I was shocked when I read in a local paper that Orange County Commissioner Barry Jacobs was a member of the board of Go Triangle, the group pushing the Chapel Hill-to-Duke light rail system. How Mr. Jacobs can avoid a conflict of interest while wearing both hats is a question that awaits an answer. Whether it is a volunteer or paid board membership is the second question.

The advocates of the Chapel Hill-to-Duke light rail project have changed their stories so many times it is hard to remember that it started out as a plan to link Chapel Hill, through Durham, to RDU and Raleigh. Wake County has dropped out, RDU will not be served, and only Chapel Hill (UNC) and Durham (Duke) remain. Projected costs have more than doubled. Anyone familiar with publicly funded construction projects should know that the projected cost is probably as low as Go Triangle felt it could get away with without being laughed out of existence.

It’s time to pull the plug on this project that will serve the few at a great cost to all. The pharaonic ambitions of Mr. Jacobs and his fellow travelers must be curbed.

Robert L. Porreca