Letters: Jewish community will not be intimidated by swastika at Duke University

We will not be intimidated

Sunday night, a large red swastika was found painted on the East Campus Bridge at Duke University. What makes this disturbing incident even more vile is that an image which represents the wholesale murder of 6 million Jews was painted over a tribute created by students in memory of those massacred in the Tree of Life Synagogue.

This is not the first anti-Semitic incident this year and we hope, and expect, that the response will be resolute and robust. The people who committed these acts did so in order to spread hate and to make Jewish students feel unwelcome and unsafe on campus.

I believe that it is particularly significant that this incident took place just weeks before the Chanukah season when Jews around the world recall the Jewish victory over a regime that sought to persecute and tarnish the Jewish way of life 2,100 years ago. We commemorate Chanukah by lighting an additional candle each night of the eight-day holiday, increasing in light and thereby minimizing the darkness.

We refuse to be intimidated or frightened, in fact, we will use this incident as a motivation to increase the light and expand our programming for Jewish students on campus. We will hold a giant Menorah lighting on Monday, December 3, 6 pm at the BC Plaza. We invite everyone to attend as a sign of Jewish pride, solidarity, and as a statement of defiance in the face of hatred and bigotry.

Rabbi Nossen Fellig

Co-Director of Chabad Jewish Student Center at Duke University Undergrads

Whitake must recuse himself

I am a constituent writing to ask my senators, Richard Burr and Thom Tillis, and Rep. G.K. Butterfield to demand that Matt Whitaker recuse himself from overseeing the Mueller investigation due to his multiple conflicts of interest:

He has expressed public opinions critical of the investigation and suggested that he would shut it down, demonstrating clear bias.

He is personally connected to Sam Clovis, who is within the purview of the investigation for having brought Papadopoulos and Page into the Trump campaign.

He secretly ran interference for Sessions when Sessions’ contacts with Russian ambassador Kislyak became publicly known.

He stated to a fellow CNN panelist that he was going on TV to criticize the Mueller probe in the hopes of being noticed and given a job in the administration.

On top of that, Whitaker has a history of fraudulent business dealings that make him patently unfit to serve in, let alone direct, the DOJ. Please exercise your duty to defend the Constitution and the rule of law by demanding that Whitaker recuse himself and by enacting legislation to protect the Mueller investigation.

Christiane Voisin


A call for prayers and better lighting

What a privilege to have had the opportunity to work early voting and election day at the polls in Carrboro and Chapel Hill. Thank you to all the polite voters, who thanked us the poll workers, for our being there to help them exercise their freedom to vote. It is always wonderful when people with differing viewpoints can express them and have people run for office to support these views.

In light of recent shootings, let’s ask our elected officials to label these “terrorist acts” as they work to promote anarchy and disrupt the peaceful life we all want to enjoy in America. By labeling shooters in these incidents as terrorist activities the instigator(s) will get the punishment they deserve.

At the same time we need a national call for prayers to help address the mental issues that may be behind many of these senseless acts, as well as a national hotline for people with disturbed thoughts to call in and talk with trained counselors who may direct them to local resources to help de-escalate potential problems. Unfortunately many of our public safety officers spend many hours dealing with mental issues that lead to disruptive actions.

Finally, a request that the Carrboro Town Hall leave the outside lights on behind the building on polling days so workers leaving the building will not trip and injure themselves as they walk to their cars in the dark after work and will not trip and injure themselves. God bless America.

Janice Putnam


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