09/09 Your letters: Robert Medred, and Karlton Tate

Story out of place

Regarding the story “North Carolina is key to Democrats’ hope to regain majority in Congress” (Nov. 7)

Why didn’t you (Herald Sun and your owners) approach the subject by reporting, instead, on what the Republicans may need to do to maintain their historic majority? Just wondering. This article is an opinion and should be in the opinion section. You, i.e., media are trying to “advise” what the Democrat party needs to do. Making news, advising and cheerleading for one political party is not your job – reporting the already existing news is your job.

Robert Medred


EmPOWERment fundraiser

The Chapel Hill-based nonprofit EmPOWERment, Inc. will host its 21st annual fundraising event from 7 to 10 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 11, at the Hampton Inn in Carrboro. The “Jackets and Jeans” celebration will be an evening of fun, food, and dancing while raising money to help Orange County’s underserved populations. All are welcome with a $25 donation at the door or www.empowermentinc-nc.org

In 1996, EmPOWERment, Inc. was established to systematically empower the historically African-American communities of Chapel Hill by expanding affordable housing opportunities and promoting a stronger neighborhood through community outreach and economic development. Over EmPOWERment’s 21 years as a community nonprofit organization, this mission has manifested itself in several different ways.

To address the lack of affordable housing options, EmPOWERment began to manage affordable rental units. The nonprofit currently owns 41 rental units throughout Orange County at below market rates. Today, EmPOWERment is one of the few housing organizations in Chapel Hill that continues to accept Housing Choice and Veteran’s vouchers.

Throughout the year, EmPOWERment hosts many community building events open to residents of the Northside, Pine Knolls, and Rogers Road communities. At the most recent community outreach meeting in October, the candidates for Chapel Hill Town Council and mayor were invited to discuss their plans to address the needs of the African-American populations in Chapel Hill.

To build an economically stronger neighborhood, EmPOWERment Inc. created the first small business incubator in Orange County, the Midway Business Center. It offers affordable office and retail space on the west end border of downtown Chapel Hill to aid emerging businesses in growing into strong local employers. Since 2002, The center has assisted over 200 small businesses.

At the event, EmPOWERment will announce a new initiative it has spearheaded in collaboration with various other community organizations. The Utility Fund will honor three “soldiers” of EmPOWERment who passed away this year: Estelle Mabry, Jacquelyn Overton and Captain Andrew Malloy.

The Mabry Overton Malloy (MOM) Utility Fund will assist low-income residents with paying their utility bills and promote financial literacy. Residents receiving support from the fund are encouraged to seek financial literacy training through the Compass Center for Women and Families. EmPOWERment Inc. will be accepting donations for the Utility Fund at the event. BB&T Bank has pledged to match up to $3,000 for the fund.

EmPOWERment Inc. greatly appreciates all the support it has received as one of the oldest community organizing agencies in Chapel Hill, and would like to thank everyone who has made its mission to empower individuals and communities a reality.

Karlton Tate

EmPOWERment Bonner Intern