11/06 Your letters: Bob Vasile, Joe Exum, and David Ress

An illegal treasonous war

Regarding the guest column by William Sturkey “Carr was indeed much more than Silent Sam” (Oct. 31):

They should leave the monuments. They can change the text to “These men died in an illegal, treasonous war with the intent to secede from the UNITED States of America. These so-called Christians thought that their god gave them the right to exploit and brutalize African slaves. The whole Southern economy was built around the exploitation of human labor and fortunes were made on the backs of the African slave labor.”

Something like this would be a reminder of the dark side of American history and make us aware that ignorant racists still exist and we should fight them tooth and nail! Hope the courts can save us from the number one racist that lives in our White House!

Bob Vasile

via www.heraldsun.com

Bad choices

The Kampernic phenomenon has resulted in what Coach Lou Holtz described as “bad choices” pitting protester vs. protester: the NFL players vs. the NFL fans. Fans have not protested like this since the Major League Baseball strike, 22 years ago.

For anybody over the age of 40, achieving “social justice” has been a lifelong struggle. Our children denied admission to college, seniority promotions denied, and a host of other social injustices we believed “affirmative action” would rectify.

What began as a protest for social justice has now morphed into a Black Lives Matter protest against “white supremacy.” With the exception of Chicago and Baltimore where heroin addiction rages and fear grips the streets, black lives have mattered since Brown v Board of Education. Watching Jackie Robinson transform the playing field into a color-blind arena 25 years before the Civil Rights Act of 1963 was a giant step toward racial harmony.

The irony of using the playing field to achieve social justice and protest “white supremacy” was a reminder of how futile our efforts have been. Equally ironic is the realization affirmative action has been a colossal failure serving to stoke the silent bigotry of white supremacists.

Joe Exum

Snow Hill

NCAA ‘betrayal’

In two separate rulings the NCAA has clearly declared that academics have no place in college athletics. In finding it had no cause to penalize UNC-Chapel Hill for two decades of academic fraud designed to maintain athlete eligibility, the organization has created a standard by which all of its members can systematically and unethically ensure athletes maintain eligibility.

In ruling that an incoming freshman is ineligible to participate in NCAA athletics at one school after taking summer courses at another, the NCAA has demonstrated that it still has the muscle to punish kids for going to class but not the fortitude to punish institutions that enable and encourage their athletes to skip it.

While the lure of NCAA basketball riches is exposing vast corruption in the sport, the NCAA has blown an opportunity to assert that athletes are students first and that academics matter. These rulings will lead to further erosion of the student role in "student athlete." As the training and travel demands on athletes continue to increase, time for study in an already over-demanding schedule will decline. Now member institutions have a green light to steer the athletes to paper classes and easy A's; their education is of no concern. This is a betrayal of the expected fair exchange of athletic contribution for an education.

As a parent of two NCAA athletes and potentially a third, the rulings are alarming. My children and I are stakeholders in the educational policies of the NCAA and its member institutions. The NCAA, however, has demonstrated no respect or consideration for this class of stakeholder. UNC fans can celebrate if they wish, but this is not a victory for them or college athletics.

David Ress