Running for a more equitable, transparent Durham – DeDreana Freeman

I believe we can build a Durham that fosters economic prosperity for the many who have been left behind while building the economic engine of this city to support business development that is equitable and aligns with the priorities of Durham. That’s why I am running for the Durham City Council Ward 1 position this fall.

My campaign for an Equitable Durham is not about who can speak for me or who I can speak for. It’s about who is in this with me and about my work and actions serving in the community.

I love Durham and am deeply committed to promoting social justice that responds to recidivism in the criminal justice system with more access to legal resources and mental health supports; economic justice that creates access to capital for historically marginalized communities; and environmental justice that considers all aspects of health in materials used in our parks, how our compostable goods are collected and reducing lead hazards in our city for children. I believe we can use policy making with intentionality to raise the quality of life for everyone who lives here.

I believe we can find innovative solutions that enable us to ensure a more inclusive, engaging city. We can create jobs and economic growth while building community health and safety along with sustainable housing and transportation that prevents environmental injustice. These elements will make even greater things happen in Durham.

I believe our city should invest in our residents, neighborhoods and businesses to grow our local economy responsibly, including creating plans and programs that address the root cause of disparity in workforce development. I support investing taxpayer dollars wisely to increase access to opportunities that improve our infrastructure, increase public safety, and reinforce accountability. This includes investing in local startups and supporting small-business expansion, as well as creating opportunities for nonprofits to develop density in affordable housing and property owners to do repairs with subsidies to keep rents affordable.

My ultimate goal is to support the people of Durham and raise the quality of life for all the residents of Durham. We are growing as a community and the labels that divide us can get in the way. We are all Durham residents, business owners, entrepreneurs, parents, neighbors and friends; and we have to work together for a better tomorrow in Durham. As a City Council member I will continue to support the work of so many in the community who are often misunderstood, misrepresented, misdirected and shut out.

It would be a privilege to serve the people of Durham as the next Ward 1 City Council member. There are many aspects of Durham that I love and want to support, and there are some aspects I want to improve for the greater good of all Durham residents, businesses and community stakeholders. I believe that we are at the precipice of change in Durham, and it is up to the voters of this great city to participate in moving us forward. It is clear to me that if we continue to use the solutions of the past without transparency and accountability, we will continue to have the same devastating effects of racism, poverty and disparity which diminish us all. The path forward can only be forged together in an intentional way. I am ready to help forge that path.

Vote DeDreana Freeman as your Ward 1 City Council member during early voting (now until Nov. 4) and on election day (Nov. 7).