10/12 What you’re saying ... about Chapel Hill Town Council candidate Hongbin Gu

This week’s story on social media criticism of, and support for, Chinese immigrant Hongbin Gu’s candidacy for Chapel Hill Town Council generated many comments, including

Vote against bigotry

Facebook group Orange County Local [where the initial critical posts and subsequent positive posts apeared] is fortunately NOT representative of the majority of our county and especially of Chapel Hill.

Hongbin has a lot to offer our community in a leadership role, and I hope people will consider their votes as a statement against the bigotry displayed. We have an opportunity to speak through our votes and express what we value in Chapel Hill. I will vote for thoughtful and kind leaders of any nationality or race.

James Barrett

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What history shows

In 1969, there presumably were small-minded local folk who were “stunned” that a black man was running for mayor of Chapel Hill.

And in 1986, there presumably were other equally small-minded local folk who were stunned that an openly gay man was running for Chapel Hill Town Council.

But the good people of Chapel Hill, in their wisdom and to our lasting benefit, elected both Howard Lee and Joe Herzenberg. And in 2017, we’ll again rise above small-minded prejudice and elect Hongbin Gu.

David Schwartz

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Impressive candidate

Hongbin Gu is more and more impressive every day.

Her integrity, dignity, courage, respect and humility are humbling and awe inspiring – not to mention her helping children and families living with autism and other mental health needs, her understanding of policy and research, and her bringing diverse people together to nurture the arts, green space, transit for everyone, affordable housing, and community! She is one of the most qualified people offering to serve on our Town Council I’ve ever known in the 47 years I have lived here!

No one should ever be attacked or discriminated against for being an immigrant! We are all immigrants. We would not have survived if Native Americans had not welcomed us!

I wish I could vote for Hongbin more than once for Town Council!

Molly McConnell

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A free-speech zone

Orange County Local is a free-speech zone. If anyone is fearful of free speech, stay in your safe place.

I do not know the posters’ politics ... but I do find it interesting that The Herald-Sun never makes hay about the crazy things said by some on the left, including Orange County comissioners.

By the way, Orange County Local was created to give conservatives and disaffected democrats of Orange County a place to discuss local topics, politics and be social. The idea was born out of the horrible and fractional (and biased!) news coverage for the county.

Membership is over 4,000 and growing. The predominant political ideology of members is left, but it is amazing what happened when conservatives are allowed to speak without fear of getting the boot. The end result is fantastic discussion and analysis of the one-sided policies administered by the 147 year unbroken Democrat dominance of the county.

Chris Weaver

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What you’re saying

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