Take us out to the old ... er ... gaming game?

The Durham Bulls Athletic Park.
The Durham Bulls Athletic Park. hlynch@newsobserver.com

Now we have to wonder what ol’ Crash Davis – the real ballplayer and the one who took his name in the legendary film “Bull Durham” – might think of all this.

Come Sept. 29, those who come to the park will be spectating on gaming, specifically the Carolina Games Summit and Amateur Esports League, at something called the DBAP Gaming Challenge. And yes indeed, it’s the first such event, involving Xboxes and PlayStations. Hundreds and perhaps thousands of people will participate, and tickets are 12 bucks to start.

We do worry that Bulls fans may show and realize they’ve brought their gloves and worn their tattered Bulls hats for no reason (longtime fans wear the old hats with pride). We can imagine one saying to another, “Hey, when’s batting practice?” or “Who’s starting on the mound?” only to find they’ll be cheering not for the strongest arm but for the fastest thumbs in the East.

It’s actually all a good idea. The Park is a very nice structure, and the Bulls are smart to put it to good use, hoping to draw 2,000 people for the event. A good many will be younger patrons, and that’s fine. Many a grandparent hereabouts has realized long ago that to keep up with the kids, one has to get in the game. Or rather, the gaming.