What you’re saying: Curtis Gatewood, Joe Exum

Disservice to democracy

As one who has invested much sweat equity into Durham’s bank of justice and community service, I found your article regarding the Durham mayor’s race to be a disservice toward the need for neutrality, democracy, and the creation of a level playing field.

This year, like those of more than a decade, I have remained nonpartisan and indiscriminate in my effort to hold all officials accountable to the needs of the most vulnerable and oppressed. My philosophy remains “No permanent friends, no permanent enemies, but permanent interests in justice.”

Each candidate in a “democracy” reserves the right to pursue office without the added hurdles of legislative abridgments, denials, or media bias and media-brainwashing.

Your article “And then there were 2? Will endorsements decide Durham’s next mayor,” not only asks the wrong question at the wrong time, but it provides a one-sided answer to a highly questionable question.

We have six mayoral candidates; three of which are competitive fundraisers; three others are struggling to remain competitive; all of which are entitled to run until the people determine the winner.

Too often, in America, the powerful media steps in to tilt the scale in a way that makes it even more difficult for those candidates who are already disadvantaged. To powerfully suggest “there are only 2” in a mayoral election that is anything but over or “traditional” is an injustice toward those candidates whose chances must rely heavily on indiscrimination, innovation, issue-orientation, inspiration, expanding the electorate, and unlikely voter participation.

If President Obama taught us nothing else, his candidacy confirmed how the traditional “unlikely” can become “most likely” and how those who traditionally thought “no we can’t” can be propelled through the “hope” of “yes we can!”

Yes ultimately, it will come down to the “two” leading candidates who will go into the general election. Until then, we were not “down to two mayoral candidates” on 8/24; not down to two as of 9/13; and will not be down to two until the people and voters decide who those “two” will be.

In Durham, we must not allow the media’s voice to be used to drown out the voice of democracy. Voter suppression has many forms – none of which will I find acceptable.

Allow all candidates to dream and work every day toward victory; allow and encourage all eligible citizens to vote until each vote has been cast. Once we allow the constitutional implementation of democracy to defeat the confusing infiltration of hypocrisy – we all can celebrate a victory without regard to the outcome of a particular candidate’s election results.

Rev. Curtis E. Gatewood


DNC: The Party of Saul Alinksy

“It is well war is so terrible, else we grow too fond of it.”

– Gen. Robert E. Lee

After watching the Charlottesville confrontation and recent events in California, it is difficult to determine which group hated the other the most.

What began as a protest for removing the statue of General Lee turned into a media field day for Trump haters and the DNC ministry of propaganda. Equating David Duke and Neo-Nazis with Lee easily wins first place for the most offensive hate speech. Using “white supremacists” as a rhetorical whip opens wounds of division and hatred of the president not seen since Lincoln.

Devastated by the War and Reconstruction, the “Solid South” evolved and “Yeller Dawg Democrat” was added to the lexicon to describe those who would vote for a “Yeller Dawg”before they would vote for the Party of Lincoln.

Today, the Party of Jefferson has become the Party of Saul Alinsky: revising history when they can, eradicating history when they can’t. The DNC/mass media complex has made the institution of slavery the “abrasive agent to rub raw resentments to fan latent hostilities ... to a fighting pitch.” There will be no winners except Alinsky and the fanatics he has inspired. We should pray removing historical monuments will not erase the 500,000 American souls lost in a great civil war “testing whether this nation ... should long endure.”

Joe Exum


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