Tillis Trump enabler?

I was disappointed, but not surprised to learn our Sen. Thom Tillis was one of 22 U.S. senators who encouraged Trump to remove the United States of America from the non-binding agreements of the Paris climate change accord.

This is not about hugging trees. They will be fine. The earth doesn’t care if people live or die, or even if we enjoy fruitful and productive lives. The issue is how do human beings cope with a planet that will eventually not support human life as we know it?

My hat’s off to our Sen. Richard Burr for not signing on to that despicable list. It is true that there are many unanswered questions about what to do about climate change. But if you haven’t noticed, the weather keeps getting weirder and the storms seem to be getting stronger. As a property owner, I have a selfish interest in making sure storms don’t get any worse than they already are. Let’s do what President Ronald Reagan did on flouro-carbons and give scientists the benefit of the doubt. Unlike Thom Tillis, who should not be re-elected.

Tony Madejczyk