Impressed with response

On Saturday, May 27, my husband and I attended the matinee performace at DPAC. Upon returning to our car, we were met by Security Officer Knutson who explained that a good Samaritan had observed a car back into ours, briefly pause and then drive away. Thankfully, that person was extremely thoughtful and quick-thinking when he recorded the license plate number of the vehicle. He even went the extra mile to contact security to report the incident and offer to be a witness should that be needed.

I wish to commend Sunstate Security at the American Tobacco Complex as well as the Durham Police Department for the manner in which they handled this situation. In the overall realm of security, safety and severity of damage to the vehicle, this incident was very minor ‑ cosmetic. Regardless, Officer Knutson stayed with us until his supervisor, Officer Wheeler arrived. He then stayed with us until Durham’s Officer Ellis arrived and remained until the required paperwork was complete. While we were still in town enjoying dinner, Officer Ellis called my husband with an update. He had contacted authorities in a neighboring town where the hit-and-run vehicle was registered. The offender had already been contacted, the vehicle located and photos taken.

My husband and I were both extremely impressed with how this minor incident was handled, from start to finish. It is because of people like this that others enjoy visiting the area so much.

Sherry Knepper