Against Trump

The Republican party my parents knew no longer exists. It once believed in compromise and doing what was best for all Americans. But it has become a party of obstruction and doing only what is good for the wealthiest among us. By cutting back of education and food for poor children along with cuts to medical care for the elderly and poor they are showing their true character.

They once believed strongly in the sovereignty of our nation. With this new administration, it seems they are willing to give that up to nations that are far from friendly to democracies. As of yet there may not be evidence of collusion between the administration and Russia. However, the number of connections that are known are such that it is hard not to believe there is collusion.

When it comes to integrity and openness in government this administration continually contradicts itself and tells direct lies on camera almost daily. Given all of this it is not surprising that Democrats are against Donald Trump. What is surprising is that all good Americans aren't against this administration.

Arlen Custer