Cutting Governor’s School a shame

In a recent budget proposal, the North Carolina state Senate proposed to eliminate the funding for the Governor's School of North Carolina. This would be both short-sighted and ill-informed.

Governor's School provides intellectually curious students an outlet to do what they do best: think and create. For over 54 years, the pioneering six-week program has allowed rising high school juniors and seniors to collaborate on projects, rethink their values, and celebrate, not hide, a young mind's intellectualism.

The elimination of this program would be detrimental to our state and our students. As a 2013 attendee, I had an incredible opportunity to shed my "cool" and dive into a summer full of invigorating thought. Even more, my peers and I gained newfound leadership skills and made long-lasting friendships with like-minded individuals across the state. These invaluable experiences changed my life trajectory for the better.

I can't say enough great things about Governor's School. There's a reason other states have replicated the experience across the country. It's a shame that our elected officials are considering the elimination of the program.

Cameron McNeill