Bullying not necessary

Kudos to OWASA in Orange County for unveiling plans to finally provide sewer to the Rogers Road Community, historically African-American, as long overdue.

In the unveiling April 21, it was quite apparent that one property was excluded in the blue line by four 90- degree turns omitting this acre and would make the sewer lines not run in a straight line as common sense and cost savings would dictate.

Bullying in local government is not necessary. Punishing a citizen for exercising their right to freedom of speech and for not being a member of the political party in control is nothing short of cruelty.

Years of taxation without representation on land in the "Planning District" does not allow you to vote for city officials that play an important role to determine such important proposals.

Orange County has historically also been a place where diversity and individual expression in the pursuit of happiness is welcome and appreciated.

As a God-fearing citizen, one can only pray for continued protection by God, continued freedom of speech, and that God will continue to bless America.

Janice Putnam