Rethink Durham-Orange light rail

From the mid-1990s, many of the consultants hired by Durham government have advised that our 18-mile light rail will not work. Only 3 percent of our population is predicted to want to use the rail, now projected at over $2 billion. Plus, Durham government will need millions to join the smarter, Wake County/Durham commuter train from Raleigh/Garner/ RTP/Durham.

So maybe a reason our local government wants to spend hundreds of millions of tax dollars, is not all about saving the environment? The current tract of land needed is mostly from Chapel Hill/Hwy. 54 to I-40, to Patterson Place, to Duke Hospital in Durham, with multiple parking lots needed. We will witness a "mind-blowing" amount of additional "sprawling development" on the thousands of acres of raw land, along the rail lines.

The city charges developers millions of dollars of "impact fees" when they allow more sprawling suburbs, retail/office and strip malls. A money-making plan, for the city/county.

So, again, property tax goes up, on everyone, in order to support the extra development's need for additional fire, police protection, water/sewer lines, schools, etc..

The rail plan is inefficient and too costly, compared to the idea of using more varied-sized hybrid fuel buses, that can maneuver into neighborhoods, all around the counties.

Wake up people, and write your objections to the Federal Transit Administration before the end of their vote, at the end of April 2017.

William Bowling