Fifth grader spells way to bee victory and Grit Award

Last week, we have a well deserved shout-out to four young people who were still tied when officials decided they needed to pause the Duke University Regional Spelling Bee because of time constraints.

Thursday, without the audience of the previous bee, the four gathered at First Presbyerian Church downtown to conclude the event. With successful spelling of “bight” in the fourth round and “symmetrical” in the fifth, Jason Sorin of Triangle Day School won the right to move on to the Scripps National Spelling Bee.

It was only the second year the fifth-grader competed in the spelling bee, which he noted in his victory speech. “I only get two more but I just can’t believe it,” he said.

We can, and we especially value young winners of competition that involves brain rather than brawn. And we’re delighted to bestow on him this week’s Durham Grit Award.