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Report of ‘large black cat’ that attacked man was a lie, SC cops say

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UPDATE: Police said Wednesday that the report was false and may charge the man who said he was attacked by the cat.

The original story is below.

A man told police he was attacked by “a large black cat” that “dragged him into a ditch as he was walking” down a road in Hemingway, South Carolina, according to the Georgetown County Sheriff’s Office. Police later said the report was false.

The man was taken to the hospital after the attack, the sheriff’s office said on Facebook and said deputies were patrolling the area and warning residents to be careful.

“The victim said he saw a cub cross the road just before he felt something grab his pants leg and drag him to the ground. He said the animal ripped his shirt sleeve off before walking away and making a ‘crying noise,’” the sheriff’s office said.

“He said the animal was a black colored oversized cat-like animal approximately waist high with a tail that dragged the ground,” according to the post.

The sheriff’s office said the man was able to escape and call 911. Deputies and state Department of Natural Resources officers are investigating the incident.

Anyone seeing a suspicious animal in the vicinity of the incident is advised to remain in a safe location. and call 911,” the sheriff’s office warned.

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