South Carolina

Some have been running for almost 30 years. Here are 19 of SC’s most-wanted suspects

Murder, child molestation, domestic violence, kidnapping and selling drugs — all crimes authorities say were committed by 19 of South Carolina’s most wanted suspects.

Most of the crimes were violent. Some suspects are being hunted by the FBI or the U.S. Marshals Service, while others are the targets of local law enforcement agencies.

Here are their names and the crimes they are suspected of committing.

Deroy King Jr photo taken in 1990.jpg
From the FBI's website.
Deroy King Jr., a.k.a., Donald King, Gary Puckett, Shannon Puckett and Robert Paul Holmes

Wanted by the FBI on charges of armed bank robbery. 1989-1990

Before making it onto the FBI’s wanted list, King was already a convicted felon, according to federal investigators. The crimes that got him onto the FBI’s list were two bank robberies in Simpsonville, S.C. In December 1989 and March 1990, King robbed the same bank, authorities say. Both times he pointed a gun at people in the bank and demanded money be put in a duffel bag, according to the FBI wanted notice. Investigators say he put the bank employees in a closet. After the second robbery, police blocked the escape vehicle, but King eluded capture by shooting at the officers, according to investigators. King has a scar on his abdomen, a scar on his chest and should be considered armed and dangerous. In April 1994 King was featured on an episode of Unsolved Mysteries as part of a wanted list of alleged rank robbers.

Unknown white male suspect from 1990 Greenville murder.jpg
From the FBI's website.
Unknown white male

Wanted by the Greenville PD and the FBI’s Violent Criminal Apprehension Program on charges of serial murder. 1990-1998

Genevieve Zitricki, of Greenville, was known as Jenny to her friends and family. An apartment maintenance worker found Zitricki’s body in a bathtub full of water. The Greenville News reported on the story in 1990 and again in 2010. In 1990, Zitricki was 28, a computer analyst and recently divorced. The patio door of her apartment was pried open. Splattered blood marked the walls in Zitricki’s bedroom, authorities said. A trail of blood led through the hall to the bathtub. A person had beaten and strangled the young woman, according to detectives. Her purse was submerged in the kitchen sink, and on the bathroom mirror was written: “Don’t (expletive) with my family.” Authorities never determined if the message was relevant or meant to provide cover for the suspect. Eight years later, DNA left in Zitricki’s apartment was matched with samples from a murder and sexual assault of a mother and daughter in Missouri, which led to a description of the suspect as a white male, over 30 years old, slender build, with dark hair flecked with gray, a thin mustache, and a “northern accent.” Zitricki’s killing was the subject of a 1994 S.C. Supreme Court ruling that determined landlords don’t have a duty to protect their tenants from crime, The State reported at the time. See The State’s original 1994 newspaper article on the court case.

Randy Grimes.jpg
Provided by Colleton County Sheriff's Office.
Randy Grimes

Wanted by the Colleton County Sheriff’s Office on a murder charge. 1991

Nancy Grimes, the estranged wife of the suspect, was in a trailer with Michael Keith Norton at Polk’s Hunting Club near Rum Gully in Colleton County on Dec. 29, 1991, The Press and Standard of Walterboro, S.C. reported. The Grimeses’ 8-year-old daughter was with the two in the trailer. Randy Grimes came into the trailer and shot Norton, according to the The Press and Standard. Norton was shot in the back, chest and sides, the Colleton County coroner told the newspaper. Authorities arrived at the scene quickly, but fearing Grimes had taken his wife as a hostage, the police stayed out of the trailer. She was not being held hostage. Grimes had disappeared into the surrounding woods. A manhunt followed with bloodhounds, helicopters, and an infrared heat-seeking device, according to the Press and Standard. The dog traced Grimes back to his trailer and found his scent leaving the trailer. Grimes was never found. The Colleton County Sheriff’s Department recently updated its top 10 most wanted list, and Grimes is still on it. He should be considered armed and dangerous, the sheriff’s department says. See the Press and Standard’s original January 1 1992 newspaper article through the Colleton County Memorial Library and Digital Reel.

Elby Jessie Hars.jpg
From the FBI's website.
Elby Jessie Hars

Wanted by the FBI on charges of criminal sexual conduct with a minor. 2000

Hars was a convicted child sex offender before he was charged in 2000 in Richland County with multiple counts of sex crimes against a minor, The State reported in 2001. In the 1980s, he was twice convicted of sex crimes against minors, getting a 10-year sentence for sexually assaulting a 13-year-old girl. Hars, 57 at the time, and his daughter, Terri Lee Hars, 26 at the time, were charged with seven counts of sexual assault against a minor for incidents that happened between January and April 2000. A 13-year-old became pregnant as a result, police said at the time. A Richland County magistrate issued an arrest warrant for Hars in April 2000. Originally from Bradford County, Florida, Hars is a commerical truck driver and has scars on both of his arms. The FBI believes Hars may have fled to Texas or Mexico. He should be considered armed and dangerous, the federal investigators say. CNN ran a story in 2016 in which Hars’ victim spoke out. Hars would be 75 years old now. See the 2001 original newspaper article from The State.

Reynaldo R Piementa.jpg
From the FBI's website.
Reynaldo R. Piementa

Wanted by the FBI on a charge of assault and battery with intent to kill. 2000

Believed to have served in the Colombian military in South America, Pimienta is charged with shooting his estranged girlfriend in Mauldin. On May 11, 2000, the victim was found in her car shot through her midsection. The attack left her paralyzed from the neck down. Investigators believe Pimienta fled the area in a rented car that he dropped off in Tampa on May 12, 2000. Mauldin police say he may be in South Carolina, New York, Colombia, South America or Spain and that he should be considered armed and dangerous.

Miguel Angel Hermosillio-Alcaraz photo taken in 2002.jpg
From the FBI's website.
Miguel Angel Hermosillio-Alcaraz

Wanted by the FBI on a charge of murder. 2003

Alcaraz is alleged to have shot his ex-girlfriend in April 2003 in Greenville. Investigators say Alcaraz followed his former girlfriend into an apartment complex parking lot and, after she got into a vehicle, he shot her in the head and chest while her child sat in the back seat.

FBI sketch of a person of interest in a 2003 murder-robbery.jpg
From the FBI's website.
Unknown white male

Wanted by the FBI on charges of murder and bank robbery. 2003

One of the FBI’s most wanted people with South Carolina connections is an unknown man. On May 16, 2003, the former Blue Ridge Saving Banks in Greer was robbed. One or more suspects were involved. When officers arrived at the scene, they found three people dead from gunshot wounds. The FBI is looking for a white male about 5 feet 6 inches to 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighing about 230 pounds. The unknown man was allegedly in the bank right before the crimes. When the incident happened, the man was 50 to 53 years old with blond hair, spotted with gray. He looked clean-cut, according to witnesses.

Daniel Hiers.jpg
From the U.S. Marshal Services' website
Daniel William Hiers Jr.

Wanted by the U.S. Marshals Service on charges of murder and criminal sexual conduct with a minor. 2004

“He betrayed his badge in the worst way,” the U.S. Marshals Service said. A former cop with 11 years of experience, Hiers is probably the most infamous wanted suspect in South Carolina. He is one of the U.S. Marshals Service’s 15 most wanted nationwide. North Charleston police charged Hiers with committing a lewd act on an 11-year old girl who he met through a karate class in 2004, CNN reported. The Charleston Police Department removed Hiers from duty following the accusation. Further charges of criminal sexual conduct with a minor were issued against Hiers in 2005, according to the Marshals Service. On the day he was to surrender to authorities, he didn’t show up. The same day his wife’s body was found in their home with a gunshot wound to the head. Hiers was seen leaving the home around the time of the killing. The Goose Creek Police Department in Berkeley County charged Hiers with murder. Hiers was called by John Walsh of America’s Most Wanted one of his personal most wanted suspects. Despite some tips and sightings, including the discovery of the vehicle in which he left South Carolina, the former cop’s whereabouts remain unknown. Update: After publication of this article, reports of sightings of Hiers in China surfaced along with reports of his arrest by Chinese authorities. The US Marshals Service said they’re aware of those reports and are working with their international partners on the Hier’s case.

Gerardo Cano Torres.jpg
Provided by Sumter County Sheriff's Department.
Gerardo Cano Torres

Wanted by the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office on a charge of murder. 2007

Sumter police say Torres fired multiple shots from a handgun during an argument inside the victim’s home. The Sumter Item reported on the 2007 crime. Pablo Marcos Hernandez was 27 years old when deputies found him lying in the hallway of his apartment not breathing. He was shot twice through the back and eventually died. Another man was shot in the right bicep during the incident. Neighbors and other residents of the home where the shooting occurred “positively identitif(ied)“ Torres as the shooter, the Sumter sheriff told The Item at the time. The sheriff said Torres left the scene in a white truck and may have headed to Mexico. Police enlisted the U.S. Marshals Service to help them track down Torres. The sheriff’s office still lists Torres, who would be 47 years old, as extremely dangerous. See the original 2007 newspaper article from The Sumter Item.

Provided by SCDPPP.
Tramain Goodwin

Wanted by the South Carolina Department of Probation, Parole and Pardon Services for absconding following a voluntary manslaughter conviction. 2007

In 2001 Goodwin faced a murder charge, court records show. That charge was dismissed, but in 2002 he pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter. A judged sentenced him to 7 years. When he got out and was under the supervision of the parole agency, he absconded from his required oversight, authorities say. Court records also show that an armed robbery charge against Goodwin was dismissed. The probation agency lists him as having a burglary offense on his record.

Terry J. Smith.jpg
Provided by SCDPPP.
Terry Smith

Wanted by the South Carolina Department of Probation, Parole and Pardon Services for absconding after assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature. 2011

Smith stepped out on his probation supervision in 2011. Initially charged with committing a lewd act on a minor, he pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature, and a Charleston judge sentenced Smith to 10 years, according to court records. But that sentence was suspended to five years probation. Smith, a registered sex offender, is also wanted by Charleston County Sheriff’s Office for failure to register as a sex offender, according to the probation agency.

Arash Amiri Abedian and Danial Jeloudar.jpg
From the FBI's website.
Arash Amiri Abedian and Danial Jeloudar

Wanted by the FBI on charges of conspiracy, wire fraud, access device fraud, and aggravated identity theft. 2012

The most recent entry on the FBI’s wanted list in South Carolina, Abedian and Jeloudar were indicted by a Columbia grand jury in February 2017. Both are Iranian nationals. While located in Iran, the two are said to have taken part in a criminal conspiracy to hack into computers and steal credit card numbers as well as people’s identities. Abedian used malware to steal information and then transfer it to Jeloudar, authorities allege. The information was distributed online or used to make purchases for themselves, investigators say. In February 2012, according to the Department of Justice, Abedian sent 30,000 names and financial information to Jeloudar. The crimes are connected to South Carolina through purchases made in 2012 for equipment, servers, and internet hosting services from a South Carolina provider, authorities say. The purchases were made using stolen credit card numbers and other personal information.

Corey Cornelius Metz.jpg
From the FBI's website.
Corey Cornelius Metz

Wanted by the FBI on charges of drug-related crimes. 2014

Little information about Metz is provided by the FBI. He is accused of possession with intent to distribute and distribution of cocaine. The U.S. District Court in South Carolina issued federal arrest warrants for Metz in August 2014. Other news outlets, including WACH-TV Columbia, reported that Metz may work as a commercial truck driver and goes by the pseudonym “Dank.” Investigators believe he traveled or lived in Richland, Lexington, Fairfield and Newberry counties. Drug charges can be kicked up from the state to federal level, where the FBI operates, if a person is named by an informant to federal authorities or if the suspect crosses state lines to commit a crime.

Jesse Dean Smith.jpg
Provided by Sumter County Sheriff's Department.
Jesse Dean Smith

Wanted by the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office on multiple drug charges. 2015

Smith lived in Lynchburg, SC, a Lee County town with a population of 373 people, according to the last census. Smith dealt a heavy amount of drugs in Sumter County, the sheriff’s office says. Authorities have charged Smith with growing marijuana, and five counts of distributing the drug along with possession with intent to distribute. He faces similar charges for allegedly possessing and selling morphine and schedule III drugs, which typically include prescription pain medication.

Victor Robinson.jpg
From CPD.
Victor Robinson

Wanted by the Columbia Police Department on charges of attempted murder, felon in possession of a weapon, and possession of a weapon during a violent crime. 2016

Robinson would be 36 years old now. He is accused of shooting multiple rounds of a high-powered rifle at a male victim, The State reported in 2016. The crime occurred at the Budget Inn on Sunset Drive at around 5:30 a.m. At the time, police believed the shooting was motivated by a previous argument.

Nedrala Shashan McLaughlin from Crime Stoppers website.jpg
From the Greenville Crimestoppers' website.
Nedrala Shashan McLaughlin

Wanted in Greenville County on a charge of attempted murder. 2016

On June 8, 2016, deputies with the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office responded to a woman who was shot near the intersection of Luke Lane and Dixie Circle, a spokesperson for the office said. During the investigation authorities determined that the woman was shot when she approached a resident and an altercation ensued. Investigators say that McLaughlin shot the victim at least one time. Authorities have been unable to find McLaughlin since. Update: Since publication of this article, US Marshals field officers in South Carolina reached out to Greenville County Sheriff’s Office to assist with finding McLaughlin, according to a US Marshals official. She was ascertained in Detroit and awaits extradition to South Carolina.

No Photo Available
Pizarro Dontell Aldrich Jr.

Wanted by Aiken County Sheriff’s Office on charges of attempted murder, armed robbery, kidnapping, assault and battery, carjacking, and weapon possession. 2018

The charges against Aldrich stem from a series of crimes in one night, according to an Aiken County Sheriff’s Office report. On Feb. 20 a man was driving through a residential area of Aiken County. He made a turn, and saw Aldrich and two other men standing in the middle of the road. They stopped him. The three forced the man out of his car at gunpoint and beat the victim on the head with the gun, the police report says. They are accused of taking his wallet and driving off in his car. Later that night, police responded to a shooting incident that involved two cars firing at each other, and one vehicle matched the description of the stolen car. Police later found the victim’s car — which Aldrich and others are accused of stealing — on fire with a bullet hole in the side, according to the sheriff’s office report. Court records show that the two other suspects connected to the crimes were arrested. They are awaiting trial. Aldrich, who court records show has a previous criminal record, is still at large.

Keith Preston Crum..jpg
Provided by SCDPPP.
Keith Preston Crum

Wanted by the South Carolina Department of Probation, Parole and Pardon Services for absconding after criminal sexual assault and assault and battery convictions. 2018

Crum cut off his tracking device on Aug. 12, 2018, authorities said. Crum has an extensive criminal record going back to 2002, the probation agency says, which includes numerous sex crimes and assaults against adult and juvenile women. “Crum has been convicted, jailed and imprisoned in (state prisons) on several occasions following these attack,” the probation agency website says. He is a registered and repeat sex offender, according to the agency. A Charleston judge sentenced Crum to 10 years on 2014 convictions of criminal sexual conduct and two counts of assault and battery. After serving four years, he was released on supervision. He cut off his GPS tracking device about five months after his release and has remained on the loose, according to the probation agency. He has a tattoo that reads “N.Y. Ulster County, Yankee” on his back, a gargoyle tattoo on his left arm and a dragon on his right.

Christopher Gartrell.jpg
Provided by SCDPPP.
Christopher Gartrell

Wanted by the South Carolina Department of Probation, Parole and Pardon Services for absconding after burglary, kidnapping and criminal sexual conduct convictions. 2018

The most recent absconded case, Gartrell is a registered sex offender and last lived in Greenville County. He failed to report to the state probation agency on Aug. 4, 2018. He has tattoos of a skull on his left arm, a lion on his right, a crown on his left shoulder blade and a lizard on his right shoulder blade. Update: Police arrested Gartrell in November 2018 after allegedly raping and killing a woman.



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