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Teaching assistant quits after NC mom says she found son with feces on his face

A North Carolina mom says her 8-year-old son with autism had feces on his face and clothing when she picked him up from school after he had an accident on the bus.

Lisa Bass said she was shocked when she arrived at Fairview Heights Elementary School in Hamlet, according to a Facebook post and news reports.

“The TA brought him to me like this ... she did not attempt to wash his face or hands or his mouth!” the Richmond County mom wrote Sunday.

Her child, Tony Autry, is nonverbal, according to the Facebook post.

“This is a special-needs classroom,” Bass told WSOC. “If you know much about autism, potty training is one of the hardest things to accomplish for them.”

Bass wanted to use a school bathroom to get rid of the mess but was denied access, she posted on Facebook.

“I had to strip him naked and clean him in the parking lot with a bottle of water and wipes!” she wrote in her post.

The only person who offered help was a janitor who came to their car with a trash bag, Bass told McClatchy news group Tuesday in a Facebook message.

Bass said the situation was embarrassing for Tony, and she thought the teacher assistant “degraded him,” according to her post.

Now, the same school employee has quit her job, The Richmond County Daily Journal and other news outlets report.

Richmond County Schools in an emailed statement confirmed one of its teaching assistants resigned.

“At this time, we are unable to comment on this confidential personnel matter that is currently under investigation,” the district said Tuesday in its email. “Please know that Richmond County Schools takes all parental concerns seriously.”

Bass told McClatchy news group the resignation is one step toward making a change in the district’s Exceptional Children’s Department.

Hamlet is near the South Carolina border and roughly 55 miles southwest of Fayetteville.

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