North Carolina

Huge sinkhole swallows part of Outer Banks road, North Carolina officials say

A sinkhole opened under a North Carolina street and devoured pieces of pavement, a photo shows.

The collapse closed off traffic on part of an Outer Banks road, the coastal town of Kill Devil Hills said Tuesday on its Facebook page.

A picture appears to show the crumbling roadway spanning at least one lane of traffic, according to the post.

It happened about a block away from a business corridor that runs through the beach destination, officials say.

The town says the section of road that contains the sinkhole will remain shut down until repairs are done.

While officials didn’t reveal what caused the ground to open up, WITN reports area roads were flooded last week during Hurricane Dorian.

It wasn’t the first time a cave-in was spotted in North Carolina this year.

Last month, the ground gave way across a road and forced it to close “for several hours” in Winston-Salem, The Charlotte Observer reported.

And before that, Asheville’s 36-foot sinkhole inspired T-shirts and led fans to create a Facebook group, according to the newspaper.

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