North Carolina

What’s in the water at the North Carolina Zoo? Yet another baby chimp is on the way

Just after welcoming a baby chimp, the North Carolina Zoo says another newborn is on the way.

This time, 35-year-old primate Amy is expecting a baby, according to a Facebook post on Sunday, which was World Chimpanzee Day.

The announcement came after the zoo in March welcomed little chimp Obi. The baby, whose name means “one who charms” or “heart,” was born to mother Gerre, the facility says.

Though “successful chimp births are relatively rare in captivity,” the North Carolina Zoo has welcomed four of them in the past decade, The News & Observer previously reported.

The zoo says each pregnancy comes with risks and that staff is monitoring Amy and her baby.

The expectant mom was born at the zoo and has “reared a baby” in the past, the facility says.

Chimps are endangered and are usually pregnant for about seven months, according to the North Carolina Zoo website. Amy’s due date is in late November, the zoo says.

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