North Carolina

Boy pulled from ocean was barely alive — then 2 nurses rushed over, NC family says

A 12-year-old boy was swimming off the coast of North Carolina when he went under water and didn’t come up, media outlets report.

Levi Floyd’s dad rushed to help him, pulling the preteen’s “lifeless” body from the water in Holden Beach last weekend, WGHP reports.

The boy didn’t have a pulse after almost drowning, according to the station.

That’s when two vacationers sprang into action, the Star News reports.

It turned out the strangers were off-duty nurses with knowledge about handling emergencies, according to the newspaper.

“I noticed he was pretty blue,” said Derek Gibson, one of the nurses, according to WRAL. “You could tell he wasn’t breathing.”

While the nurses performed CPR, Levi’s family prayed — then the boy’s pulse returned, WGHP reports.

He was rushed away in an ambulance and taken to a hospital, according to The Star News.

“That Levi is making a recovery, a full recovery is nothing short of a miracle in my book,” Gibson said, according to WRAL.

The boy’s mom thanked Gibson and the other nurse, Christy Ollis, for joining in the effort to help her son, the Star News reports.

“My baby was resurrected on that beach,” said Lyndsey Floyd, according to the newspaper.