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Rescue dog Xena ‘returns the favor’ by rescuing Texas deputy, wife from house fire

A deputy and his wife were asleep in their Texas home when their dog started acting strange.

Around 4 a.m. June 24 the German Shepherd, Xena, started whining and running in and out of her kennel, Bryan DuBose, a constable deputy with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, said on Facebook.

Xena, a German Shepard, saved a Texas deputy and his wife from a house fire. They rescued the dog a year ago. Bryan DuBose

He said he was groggy and annoyed and told her to get back in her kennel. So she did.

But she didn’t stay in long.

She soon ran back out of the kennel, jumped on the bed and nudged DuBose awake, he said on Facebook.

He said he sat up, still annoyed, and was immediately hit with smoke and gas.

It was then that he realized the house was on fire and Xena was trying to warn him, he wrote on Facebook.

He woke his wife, and told her to get out of the house, he said.

Xena then led him to the room where the fire was, and he tried to put it out with a fire extinguisher but was unable to do so, he said.

So he and Xena crawled out of the house side-by-side as the fire blazed overhead, he said on Facebook.

Eventually, everyone made it out of the house safely, he said.

There are only “charred remains” left of the house, and the fire took nearly all of the family’s belongings, according to ABC11, the New & Observer’s media partner.

But DuBose believes things could have been a lot worse if it weren’t for Xena, according to ABC11.

He credits her and God with the fact he and his family are still alive, he wrote on Facebook.

DuBose rescued Xena a year ago when she was in bad shape, he told ABC11

“I went and got her and she weighed like 35 pounds,” he said, ABC11 reported. “She just had every bug you could think of...internal parasite and everything.”

But Xena is healthy now, and DuBose told ABC11 she returned the favor.

“By God’s grace,” DuBose said, according to ABC11. “There’s no doubt about that. She returned the favor 10-fold.”

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