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Kavanaugh accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, graduated from UNC in 1988

California university professor Christine Blasey Ford, the woman who has accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault when the pair was in high school, graduated from UNC Chapel Hill in 1988, according to General Alumni Association records.

She graduated with a degree in psychology, according to her LinkedIn account.

Ford, 51, told The Washington Post that a drunken Kavanaugh and a friend attacked her at a summer party in the early 1980s. She said Kavanaugh tried to take her clothes off and covered her mouth to stop her screams. Ford first made her allegations in a letter she sent to a Democratic House member earlier this summer.

Kavanaugh, 53, has denied the allegation.

“This is a completely false allegation. I have never done anything like what the accuser describes — to her or to anyone,” he said in a statement released through the White House on Monday.

Ford’s accusation threatens to derail President Donald Trump’s nomination of Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. The Senate Judiciary Committee canceled plans to vote Thursday to advance Kavanaugh’s nomination to the full Senate. Instead. the committee will re-open hearings on Kavanaugh on Monday, Sept. 24, when Kavanaugh and Ford are expected to be called as witnesses.

Ford grew up in Maryland, just outside of Washington, and attended Holton-Arms School, an all-girls school in Maryland.

After UNC, she got master’s degrees from Stanford and Pepperdine and a Ph.D. from the University of Southern California, according to NPR and her marriage announcement.

Ford is now a professor at Palo Alto University and with the Stanford Psy.D. consortium. She goes by Christine Blasey on a list of faculty. Her profile includes less information than her peers, including a lack of phone number and email address.

Ford’s specialty is designing statistical models for research projects, Helena Chmura Kraemer, a co-author of Ford’s, told the San Jose Mercury news.

She was not the only member of her family to attend college in North Carolina. Her brother Ralph got his undergraduate degree from Duke, his Master of Business Administration from UNC’s business school and his law degree from UNC, according to his LinkedIn account.

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