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Tater Tot waffles and Bulls games — Baumgartner Vaughan

Fans head into the Durham Bulls Athletic Park before the game on April 15, 2017.
Fans head into the Durham Bulls Athletic Park before the game on April 15, 2017.

Tater Tot waffles at the ballpark. They’re the new hot dog. Well, no, not really. A hot dog at the ballpark is still a hot dog at the ballpark. But you can buy a Tater Tot waffle at the same concession stand as hot dogs at the Durham Bulls Athletic Park. Pro tip: hot dogs are ready way faster. I was in for a penny, in for a pound at the Bulls game about a week ago, when I decided that I needed to try this new Tater Tot waffle treat.

I wasn’t the only one hankering for the newest ballpark food at the DBAP. I tweeted at the Bulls asking for the Tater Tot location, and they quickly replied that it was the sausage stand by the first baseline. We headed over. The line was long. And then, the news that so many people wanted those Tater Tot waffles that there was a 30-minute wait. I gave my son his hot dog, put my hot dog in my purse and decided to wait.

So I tweeted about it:

#TaterTotWaffle log: Standing by a trash can, drinking a diet Pepsi while I ponder life and baseball. Kid went back to seats with friends.

I considered eating my purse hot dog, but it needed ketchup and I didn’t want to venture too far away from the stand. Someone in line after me got a Tater Tot waffle, and I told the stand that I was waiting, too. Soon my Tater Tot waffle was in my hands, accompanied by a sour cream packet. Along with waffle-shaped Tater Tots, it has peppers and bacon in it.

Verdict? Worth getting at least once. Could use more bacon.

The Tater Tot waffle is part of the DBAP experience, just like anticipating Wool E. Bull’s arrival with a hot dog-shaped T-shirt launcher. One of these days I’ll catch a launched T-shirt. Later in the game, the annual buying of Durham Bulls souvenirs occured, and I have a Durham Tobacconists baseball team T-shirt.

What did my 8-year-old son want? What any 8-year-old kid would want — a giant foam hat shaped like a hot dog.

The Bulls didn’t win that game, but they had a home run late in the game and it was still a fun time for all. Bulls games are part of what Durham was, is and will be. The Bull City might get attention for this or that, but the Bulls are the mainstay.

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