Most Wake students will now have school on Halloween. (But they get the next day off.)

In response to parental complaints, the Wake County school system has changed when traditional-calendar students will make up time lost because of Hurricane Dorian.

Wake school officials announced Thursday they’re no long using Nov. 1 as a makeup day for traditional-calendar schools. Instead, the makeup day will be moved to Oct. 31 “based on parent feedback.”

While students will now have classes on Halloween, they’ll be able to sleep in the next day and have a three-day weekend. Wake tweeted how “a few hundred squeaky wheels who told us they would rather have a three day weekend than go to school Wednesday, off Thursday and back on Friday.”

Before the school year started, Wake had put Thursday Oct. 31 and Friday Nov. 1 as teacher workdays for traditional-calendar schools. But Nov. 1 and not Oct. 31 was originally scheduled as the day that would be used to make up classes.

Hurricane Dorian cost Wake students two days of school this month even though the area saw relatively little rain and wind compared to areas east of Raleigh. School officials said they canceled classes due to “the most recent forecasts and continued unpredictability of Hurricane Dorian.”

When the makeup days were announced two weeks ago, some parents complained that it made no sense to have students stay home on Halloween but return to class that Friday. The majority of Wake’s 160,000 students attend traditional-calendar schools.

Wake is still using Oct. 31 as a makeup day because it’s the end of the first quarter. Teachers will use the day to enter student grades in before report cards are distributed.

Here are the makeup days for Wake’s different calendars:

Traditional-calendar schools will have makeup days on Oct. 31 and Dec. 20.

Modified-calendar schools will have classes Jan. 3 and Feb. 17.

The Wake Young Men’s Leadership Academy and Young Women’s Leadership Academy will have classes Oct. 7 and Dec. 20.

Wake STEM Early College will have classes Oct. 9 and Jan. 3.

Vernon Malone College and Career Academy, Wake Early College of Health Sciences, North Wake College and Career Academy and Knightdale High School will make up the days on Oct. 3 and Nov. 12.

Tracks 1, 3 and 4 at year-round schools will have classes Nov 16 and Dec. 7 after the Sept. 7 makeup day was canceled. Track 2 will not have to make up the days.

Barwell Road and Walnut Creek elementary schools will have classes Oct. 21 and Jan 17.

Fox Road Elementary will have classes Nov. 1 and Jan. 29.

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T. Keung Hui has covered K-12 education for the News & Observer since 1999, helping parents, students, school employees and the community understand the vital role education plays in North Carolina. His primary focus is Wake County, but he also covers statewide education issues.