Ex-Baylor star RB, high school counselor writes book about football and faith

The new Christian motivational book, “The New, Complete You, Life Between The Lines.”
The new Christian motivational book, “The New, Complete You, Life Between The Lines.”

At 34 years old, New Albany High School counselor Justin Campbell has already accomplished enough to make any person proud. The happily married father of three has earned a bachelor’s degree in business marketing and master’s degree in counseling. He played football for four years at Butler University at the running back position, well enough to receive an invite to the NFL combine with a chance to impress team scouts for a spot on a professional roster.

Earlier this year, Campbell added published author to the list of his accomplishments.

Campbell’s Christian motivational book titled, “The New, Complete You, Life Between The Lines” was released at the end of March.

“(The book) basically starts from my senior year of high school to my freshman year of college. The titles of each chapter outline what it took to do that,” Campbell said.

From the first chapter, “Start Somewhere” to the last “The Victory,” Campbell correlates his training as a football player with his path as a Christian.

“There’s a lot of painful practices, but there’s joy when you strap up on Saturday. Your goal is to go to victory. In order for me to be a great Christian, I should be doing those same practices I was doing for football,” he said.

Campbell started playing football when he was in the fifth grade, considered a late kickoff by some standards.

“I didn’t necessarily start early but I had a lot of great coaches, he said. “When I finally scored that first touchdown and felt what it was like to see my teammates cheer me on and the people on the sidelines, after that I wasn’t afraid of the bigger people than me on the other team. I wanted to feel that feeling again. It propelled me.”

Campbell had been toying with the idea of writing a book for around seven years, jotting down ideas and notes periodically, but didn’t start taking writing seriously until a year and a half ago he said.

“It started getting real, I started piecing things together,” he said. “It was exciting because at that point, even though I knew God had called me to write this book, I didn’t know that I was going to get it done. At that point I was writing on it at a consistent basis.”

Campbell, who laughed and said “nah” when asked if he has an English degree, explained he wrote the book to reach an audience beyond the Bible study he leads at the church he attends, Canaan Christian Church in Louisville.

“Sometimes people don’t pick up Christian books. So the question was how do I pull people in but get the Christian side in? That’s where the sports comes in,” Campbell said. “So maybe people that are non-Christians or are on the borderline will read it and it will get the word to those people.”

Since its release date, around 450 copies of the book have been sold according to Campbell. He sells the books in person at different events around in the area.