7 arrested in Durham armed robbery

Seven people have been charged in an armed robbery in Durham on Friday, Dec. 14.

According to a news release from the Durham Police Department on Saturday, the seven are accused of stealing a car.

The robbery occurred around 9:30 on Friday on Patriot Circle, near Newby Drive and Horton Road. Police said the owner, a woman, was knocked down and suffered a cut on her head. Her car was later found on University Drive.

Tyquez Eubanks, 16, Jzimer Edmunds, 18, and Jamal Solomon, 17, have been charged with “conspiracy to commit robbery with a deadly weapon.” Eubanks and Edmunds are in jail under $50,000 bond. Solomon’s bond is $60,000, according to the news release.

Nicolas Martin, 16, and Jorryn Deans, 16, were “charged with robbery with a deadly weapon and conspiracy.” Martin was also charged with “possession of a handgun by a minor.” Both are in jail under a $300,000 bond. Two others, both juveniles, were charged with “robbery with a deadly weapon, conspiracy and assault with a deadly weapon and placed in custody,” according to the news release.