Thieves strike 48 cars in Carrboro in a single night

Carrboro police are investigating 48 car break-ins, including three vehicles that were reported stolen — all on Thursday night.

It was the largest number of car break-ins in one night that Capt. Chris Atack said he could remember. The break-ins were scattered throughout town, he said.

“I’m not aware of there being this many in one night before,” he said.

Investigators said there was no evidence of force being used to enter the cars, and that most of the cars were left unlocked.

The keys were left in the three cars that were stolen. They’ve recovered one, Atack said.

Police are asking people with vehicle or home security systems to check their recordings for suspicious activity that may help investigators. They recommend removing all valuables, including keys, from cars and locking them at night.

Anyone with information is asked to call CrimeStoppers at 919-942-7515 or the Carrboro Police Department at 919-918-7397.