Owner offers $5,000 reward for Promise and Chaddy: ‘They are just innocent creatures’

Karen Jenkins’ 7-year-old dog Chaddy is one of two Yorkshire terriers that are missing after someone broke into her home on Thanksgiving Day.
Karen Jenkins’ 7-year-old dog Chaddy is one of two Yorkshire terriers that are missing after someone broke into her home on Thanksgiving Day. Courtesy of Karen Jenkins

Karen Jenkins has a message for whoever took Chaddy and Promise on Thanksgiving Day.

“Please bring them back. Please no questions asked. They don’t deserve this. The dogs do not deserve this,” said Jenkins, 64, about her pet Yorkshire terriers. “If anybody wants to do harm, or do something to me … They are just innocent creatures. They do not deserve this.”

Jenkins left her home on Alpine Road around 11:30 a.m. on Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 23. She lives in the Breckenridge neighborhood in southwest Durham off Hope Valley Road.

Jenkins’ mother, who was visiting from Pennsylvania, took Jenkins to Thanksgiving lunch at The Fearrington House in Pittsboro.

They returned around 2:30 p.m.

As soon as Jenkins opened the door, she knew something was wrong. The alarm went off, but she didn’t hear Chaddy, who typically greets her at the door with barks and wiggles.

Jenkins looked in the dining room and saw the sliding glass door had been broken.

Her alarm didn’t go off when the door was broken because the breaking of the interior glass didn’t set off a sensor.

“I just started screaming, ‘My dogs are gone,’ ” she said. “I called the police. I was freaking out.”

Whoever broke in put the dogs in a crate which was stored in Jenkins’ bedroom, Jenkins said. They also took a small box of cheap jewelry.

Promise just turned 14.

She likes to lie around a lot.

“She is very lazy,” Jenkins said. “She will move for food.”

Chaddy, 7, “is just all over the place,” Jenkins said. “He’s the sweetest dog. He doesn’t have any teeth, and his tongue hangs out.”

Chaddy is a former pet therapy dog who would visit assisted living facilities, colleges and schools schools when they needed to relax.

Jenkins is doing all she can to find Chaddy and Promise, she said.

She’s offering a $5,000 reward. She’s put up fliers. She’s posting on social media.

She also reached out to pet communicators, which Jenkins likened to pet psychics. The communicators said they believe the dogs are OK, but have given conflicting reports about whether they are in a rural area or near her neighborhood, Jenkins said.

Beyond the concern about the dogs’ well-being, Jenkins said she feels so guilty.

“I feel it is my fault. I couldn’t protect them,” she said. “I can’t sleep. I don’t want to be alone.”

Hopeful that the dogs will be returned, Jenkins said Chaddy’s and Promise’s water and food bowls and beds are staying put.

“I can’t bring myself to remove them,” Jenkins said. “I am not picking them up.”

Anyone with information on the break-in or the whereabouts of the Yorkies is asked to call CrimeStoppers at 919-683-1200. CrimeStoppers offers cash rewards for information leading to arrests in felony cases and callers never have to identify themselves.

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