Three Granville County deputies fired weapons in drug bust. Will they face charges?

No charges will be filed against three Granville County Sheriff’s Office deputies who fired their weapons during an undercover sting operation to arrest Shamar Evans in Oxford in February.

“I have determined that no charges will be filed against law enforcement officers for discharging their firearms during the apprehension of Mr. Shamar Evans,” said Granville County district attorney Michael Waters.

The SBI was called in to investigate and provided Waters with a report from which he concluded the officers were justified in their actions, according to the release.

Evans was the subject of an undercover sting operation that resulted in his arrest on Feb. 23 for alleged heroin trafficking. When officers moved in to make the arrest, Evans allegedly tried to ram them with his car. Officers responded by firing at Evans’ car, which they stopped.

Officers then pulled Evans from the car and subdued him. He was not wounded by the shots but he suffered minor cuts abrasions that were likely caused by flying glass or shrapnel.

A search of Evans revealed a large amount of cash and in his car officers found an additional $40 and two “trafficking amounts” of a white, rock-like substance the officers believed to be consistent with heroin.

As a result of the incident at the Bojangles fast food restaurant in Oxford, Evans was charged with five counts of assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill, possession with intent to manufacture/sell/deliver heroin, delivery/sale of heroin, maintaining a vehicle as a drug dwelling, trafficking in heroin, possession of cocaine, possession of marijuana, two counts of injury to personal property, and reckless driving to endanger.

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